Banking built for your real estate business

If you’re in the short- or long-term rental business, Relay’s online banking and money management platform will help you get crystal clear on what you’re earning, spending and saving.

Why Relay

Built for Growing Businesses

Get unparalleled clarity into operating expenses, cash flow and every transaction.

  • Open up to 20 individual business checking accounts

  • Issue 50 virtual or physical Visa® debit cards to your team

  • Collect payments from PayPal, Stripe, Square and more

  • Payments via ACH transfers, check and wire

  • Schedule recurring payments to put expenses on autopilot

  • Get personalized customer support when you need it

One of my favorite features about Relay is the ability to transfer to multiple accounts at the same time. I go into Relay, I plug in the percentages of how much I wanted to transfer and it can automatically do that every single month. So it's been a big time saver for us.

Tony Robinson
The Real Estate Robinsons

Why bank with Relay

Take control
of your money

Relay’s powerful money management platform makes it easy to
stay on top of every single dollar.

  • Keep funds separate

    Use up to 20 checking accounts to earmark income for day-to-day expenses (like cleaning and repairs), salaries and taxes. Automate the transfer of income from one to multiple accounts at once using dollar amounts or percentages.

  • Get unlimited payments

    Get your payees to upload their own payment details so you can send them checks and next-day ACH transfers for free.

  • Avoid banking fees

    Relay’s business banking and money management platform is free. Your cash won’t be tied up in account fees, minimum balance requirements or overdraft fees. Plus, ATM withdrawals are free at any Allpoint ATM.

  • Collaborate with ease

    Manage banking together with business partners and staff—no matter where they are—without ever visiting a branch. Plus, provide secure, read-only access to your accountant or bookkeeper whenever needed.

Kind words from our

Great Experience!

"We have had a great experience with Relay and I plan to use this for my businesses moving forward. It makes it very easy to add accounts, cards, users, vendors, etc. I can separate our cash with certain projects or initiatives so that our budgets are already set. All around, very solid company that I look forward to working with in the coming years."

Ready to be on the money?

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Bank with Relay