Relay Updates

Introducing Relay Pro

Today, we’re launching Relay Pro — a powerful, intuitive way for SMBs to automate bill payments.

Yoseph West
Jul 14, 2021
Relay Updates

We raised USD $19.4 million to increase the success rate of small business

We’re on a mission to build a banking platform that not only saves business owners time and money, but actually makes their businesses more successful.

Yoseph West
May 13, 2021

How to use cash flow advisory to unlock revenue growth

Nick Cole, Chief Commercial Officer at Float, explains how to accelerate revenue growth for your firm by offering cash flow advisory services.

Nick Cole
Mar 8, 2021
Easy Reading

The 14 funniest #TaxTwitter & #Accounting tweets of 2020

For those of us who rushed to #TaxTwitter and #Accounting for much needed laughs during a year full of twists and turns.

Henry Fuz
Feb 1, 2021
Partner Updates

Overview of Relay’s Partner Program

Small business success is core to Relay’s mission. An effective relationship with an accountant or bookkeeper is a foundational pillar of that success. That’s why we built Relay, to support partners like you in the work you do with small business owners.

Henry Fuz
Jan 28, 2021
Trailblazers Series

Interview with Michael Ly, CEO & Founder of Reconciled It - Relay Trailblazers Series

Our guest for this interview is Michael Ly. Michael is the founder and CEO of Reconciled It, a cloud accounting firm recognized as a "Firm of the Future" by Intuit. Reconciled It employs over 30 staff and has grown 100% year on year for several years.

Yoseph West
Jan 28, 2021