There are a lot of misconceptions out there about profit. 

Note: this webinar already aired. You can now watch the on-demand recording!

You may have heard the old chestnut that profit doesn’t really matter as long as your business is growing. 🧐 Or that deliberately not showing profit is the "secret" to outsmarting Uncle Sam at tax time. 🙅 But when you cut through all the noise and focus on the fundamentals, one thing becomes clear: profit is the most important metric for the long-term health of your business. That’s something we believe strongly here at Relay, and it’s why we’re offering up $100k in prizes to businesses that put profit first as part of our Reasons to be Profitable contest. 

Webinar: Find Your Reasons to be Profitable for a Chance at $50k

To help put you in the Profit First mindset—and share some tips on how you can claim a piece of the $100K pie—we’re diving in deep with three bonafide experts on the subject: Christina Springstead, CEO and Founder of Springstead Solutions, Elaine Pofeldt, business journalist and author of Tiny Business, Big Money, and Ron Saharyan, co-founder of Profit First Professionals.

On 🗓 Thursday, October 26 at 3 p.m. ET, they’ll give you the full scoop on our Reasons To Be Profitable Contest, debunk some of the worst misinformation out there about profit, and share stories of how some real-world SMBs weathered their biggest financial storms by putting profit first.

Christina has firsthand experience navigating the pitfalls of unprofitability, and now helps other SMBs achieve financial peace of mind as a Master Certified Profit First Professional. Elaine’s work has appeared everywhere from Forbes to FORTUNE, and Ron's expertise in guiding businesses towards financial success is unparalleled (and they’re both on our panel of illustrious contest judges, to boot).

What to expect in the webinar: 

  • The scoop on how you can nab $100k in prizes with our Reasons to be Profitable contest

  • A chance to grill one of our contest judges on how to nail your entry

  • A look at the state of SMBs today

  • The transformative power of putting profit first

  • The biggest misconceptions about profit that could be hurting your business

  • Secrets to weathering the worst financial storms

  • A demo of how to implement Profit First with Relay

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